Finish: An April Mini


I hoped to start an April mini today, and I powered through and finished an April mini today. My quilt stand won’t be naked next month – hooray!

The pattern is called “Spring Fling Mini 2015” and it’s by JmzB Quilts. You can get it for free at Craftsy by clicking here.

It didn’t take long to put together at all. I even got a little creative with the quilting! Instead of doing my standard straight lines, I added little raindrops. Admittedly, halfway through quilting, I started thinking they looked like little nooses and not rain, but whatever. It’s still cute.

It’s approximately 11.75 x 13.5. I’m pretty sure that will still fit on my quilt stand. The stand is in my office at work, so I’ll find out tomorrow.

That’s my first finish of 2017.

Finish: October Mini

I was hoping to have this finished on Saturday, but life had other plans for me. They weren’t fun plans, and I would like it very much if life could back off for a while.

Anyway, my little quilt stand has been waving a flag since July because I haven’t been keeping up with making minis for the months I’m missing. But Halloween is my fav and I knew I had the perfect orphan block!

The block was the first one I made for the Row Robin Swap, but I trimmed it to the wrong size. *face palm* Past Me’s error is Present Me’s luck. All it took was a few thin borders to have a cute mini.

The cat pattern is by Quilt Art Designs. This particular cat is #3 in her series of silhouettes.

I participated in the swaps for Nov – Jan, so I’m good til next year. Then I’ll try *again* to fill in the months I’m missing.

I would really like to get back to focusing on block making this month. We’ll see how it goes.

Finish: A July Mini

I’ve been meaning to fill in the months I’m missing since I didn’t participate in all the Monthly Mini swaps. I came up with ideas for April and May, downloaded some patterns, and then didn’t make them. I have two words to say in my defense: baby quilts.

I won a quilt stand from Quilting Around the World for my minis though, so I thought I better make something nice to hang up for July! (Interestingly enough, I did make a July Mini last year as a surprise gift. So I’ve now made two July but couldn’t be bothered to make April or May. I guess I like making little patriotic quilts.)

The center block is Patriotic Heart by Sam Hunter of Hunter’s Design Studio. A thin half-inch border, and then a 2-in border from the scraps bin got me to a nice 12-in block.

Simple straight line quilting again – on an angle, just to mix things up.

There’s a class on Craftsy about using your walking foot to quilt more interesting designs. I think I might sign up for it since I’m clearly still avoiding free motion quilting.

Received: A March Mini

In return for the March Mini I sent off to Texas, I received a March Mini from Wyoming!

This was sewn by my friend Mona! Didn’t she do a lovely job? I really like the way she quilted it. Straight lines can be very eye-catching. They frame the shamrock quite nicely.

That’s the end of the swapping series, but you’ll be seeing more minis from me as I fill in the months I missed. I should probably get started on something for April! Can you believe it’s only a week away??

Finished Quilt: March Mini

I actually finished this mini in January, but as I intended it for the swap, I couldn’t show you. It would have ruined the surprise.

The theme isn’t super creative. (I think I’ve said that for every mini I’ve made!) I considered doing Pi Day, but decided against it. When sewing a mini in a swap, I want to make something I like, but also something that anyone else would like. I figure unless you know your partner really well, it’s better to useĀ a more common theme.

Or… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The center shamrock was paper pieced. The pattern is called Lucky Shamrock and was designed by Caroline Press of Trillium Design. There were lots of sections that were just one piece. Now that I’ve started basting the paper to the fabric for those one-piece sections, I didn’t have any trouble putting it together.

That’s the end of the swapping series. I have half a year to fill in for myself since I only swapped in six. So you’ll probably be seeing some more minis from me soon, as I don’t currently have anything to hang up for April or May! (Well technically, I don’t have anything to hang up for March yet either. Will post when I receive the mini that’s being made for me!)

Finished Quilt: February Mini

Ah yes, another monthly mini! There’s only one more in our series at QATW. I wish I had joined all of the swaps. I’ll have to make my own for the months I missed.

I know Valentine’s Day isn’t a super creative theme for February, but I had all these supplies left over from making the Quilt for A’s Baby. I had more copies of the alphabet from Paper Panache and more copies of the heart from Quilting Works. I had leftover pink fabrics! It was fate I tell you!

This mini is a 12-inch square. That’s one small finish towards my 2016 goal! This was actually my first finish of the year.

This little quilt is now living in Florida. I will post when I receive the quilt that is being made for me!