Finish: An April Mini


I hoped to start an April mini today, and I powered through and finished an April mini today. My quilt stand won’t be naked next month – hooray!

The pattern is called “Spring Fling Mini 2015” and it’s by JmzB Quilts. You can get it for free at Craftsy by clicking here.

It didn’t take long to put together at all. I even got a little creative with the quilting! Instead of doing my standard straight lines, I added little raindrops. Admittedly, halfway through quilting, I started thinking they looked like little nooses and not rain, but whatever. It’s still cute.

It’s approximately 11.75 x 13.5. I’m pretty sure that will still fit on my quilt stand. The stand is in my office at work, so I’ll find out tomorrow.

That’s my first finish of 2017.

Update: Abandoning the Crazy Cat Quilt (for Charity!)

In January, I had thought I would use my somewhat large collection of cat-themed fabric to make some kind of crazy cat quilt. All different fabrics, different blocks, etc. It sounded fun.

But every time I take it out to work on it… I’m not having fun. I’m not sure why, but I’m not, which makes me not want to work on it.

So it’s time to call it. The Crazy Cat Quilt is dead.

But all is not lost! The blocks I’ve made are being made into minis for Comfort for Critters. Here are two tops I made so far.

I’ve got another 6 (non-cat-themed) minis that just need labels and binding. So maybe the next box I send out will have 12 quilts instead of 6.

Maybe some day I’ll try again making a Crazy Cat Quilt, but for now, I’m comfortable with diverting my energy towards charity.

Finish: A Very Classy Mini

So um…

Why? Um…

Lucas, Empire Records

I didn’t rush right off and make it or anything. I surfed the urge. But…

Which is how this happened…


Ok, I have one regret, which is not taking my time with the border… Look at that horribly aligned corner! AHH!!! Haha.

Emailed a picture of it to a friend with the note, “I made a thing.” Response: “Can I have it?”

Considering putting this block pattern for sale on Etsy. That just feels right.

Finish: Morale Raiser Wall Hanging

This shirt has been in my possession for at least a decade, possibly longer. (I can’t remember if I bought it in college or in high school.)

It’s been kicking around the Lair for a couple years. I thought I was collecting shirts to make a quilt, but this one is the only one I could find.

So I made it into a wall hanging. I’ve hung it over my ironing board, which also has skulls on it.

I’m going to use it to display buttons/pins I get. I always want to buy cute pins and then don’t because what would I do with them? Now they will have a place!

Finishes: Comfort for Critters 3-6

I took so long putting the binding on these babies that the labels all say June. Don’t tell, ok?

These are all approximately 20 inches square and quilted with straight lines using my walking foot.

Quilt 3 (left) is made from leftover blocks from a Quilting Around the World swap. At least, I think they are. I mean, they are definitely from the swap, but I didn’t think I had any leftovers. But if they aren’t leftovers, then where did they come from?! Maybe the Quilt Block Fairy is real!

Quilt 4 (right) were blocks I had intended for a human charity quilt, before I found out about the pet hair thing. So all those blocks will probably get reworked into pet quilts.

Quilt 5 (right this time, just to mix it up) is my favorite of the bunch. I made all those quarter square triangles for a quilt and then HATED how they looked with the other fabrics. I was actually really sad putting them into the orphan box because I thought they were lovely. But look! Now they are a pretty little quilt that will make some kitty or tiny puppy happy!

Quilt 6 (left) is made from leftover blocks from another Quilting Around the World swap. You know, they have lots of swaps over there… if you’re into that… you might consider joining. We love new members. You can join a centralized swap as soon as you join! No wait period! I’m “upirygirl” over there, if you want to say hi. 🙂

Tomorrow I will pop over to the post office and send these off. I am direct mailing to a shelter instead of to the Comfort for Critters central office. Saves on postage. They are headed up to the Franklin County Humane Society in St. Albans, which is sort of local! (Ok, it’s not really local. It’s over 2 hours away. But same state.)


Finish: A July Mini

I’ve been meaning to fill in the months I’m missing since I didn’t participate in all the Monthly Mini swaps. I came up with ideas for April and May, downloaded some patterns, and then didn’t make them. I have two words to say in my defense: baby quilts.

I won a quilt stand from Quilting Around the World for my minis though, so I thought I better make something nice to hang up for July! (Interestingly enough, I did make a July Mini last year as a surprise gift. So I’ve now made two July but couldn’t be bothered to make April or May. I guess I like making little patriotic quilts.)

The center block is Patriotic Heart by Sam Hunter of Hunter’s Design Studio. A thin half-inch border, and then a 2-in border from the scraps bin got me to a nice 12-in block.

Simple straight line quilting again – on an angle, just to mix things up.

There’s a class on Craftsy about using your walking foot to quilt more interesting designs. I think I might sign up for it since I’m clearly still avoiding free motion quilting.

Received: A March Mini

In return for the March Mini I sent off to Texas, I received a March Mini from Wyoming!

This was sewn by my friend Mona! Didn’t she do a lovely job? I really like the way she quilted it. Straight lines can be very eye-catching. They frame the shamrock quite nicely.

That’s the end of the swapping series, but you’ll be seeing more minis from me as I fill in the months I missed. I should probably get started on something for April! Can you believe it’s only a week away??