Update: Abandoning the Crazy Cat Quilt (for Charity!)

In January, I had thought I would use my somewhat large collection of cat-themed fabric to make some kind of crazy cat quilt. All different fabrics, different blocks, etc. It sounded fun.

But every time I take it out to work on it… I’m not having fun. I’m not sure why, but I’m not, which makes me not want to work on it.

So it’s time to call it. The Crazy Cat Quilt is dead.

But all is not lost! The blocks I’ve made are being made into minis for Comfort for Critters. Here are two tops I made so far.

I’ve got another 6 (non-cat-themed) minis that just need labels and binding. So maybe the next box I send out will have 12 quilts instead of 6.

Maybe some day I’ll try again making a Crazy Cat Quilt, but for now, I’m comfortable with diverting my energy towards charity.

2016 Goals: October Progress

Another month has gone by. Let’s check in on my 2016 goals.

Only two finishes in October, both small. I got halfway through quilting a larger quilt in September, but was trying to focus on block making this month, so it still isn’t done.

Finishes in the month of October:

I did work on the Crazy Cat Quilt a little but not much. It’s not going to get finished this year.

I made 27 blocks this month. This brings my year to date total for blocks made to 266. That means I have two months to make 84 blocks if I’m going to succeed in the 350 Block Challenge.

I started the year out making tons of blocks and didn’t think I’d have any trouble at all meeting the challenge. Weird how things turn around sometimes, huh? It doesn’t help that a lot of the blocks I am making take an hour or more to put together.

October’s breakdown:

  • Farmer’s Wife: 12
  • Comfort for Critters: 8
  • Super Mario: 2
  • Orphan Block: 1
  • Eternal Darkness Runes: 3
  • Wall-Hanging: 1

I have about 8 paper piecing patterns I’ve drafted that I need to sew, plus a whole bunch more I still need to draft. Too many ideas, not enough motivation.

I did make a tiny bit of progress in the organization of the scraps. I had a laundry basket full of yardage and scraps, so I went through it. I pulled out all the yardage and put it into the fabric dresser where it’s supposed to be. (I also organized the fabric dresser, which was a mess and why the yardage has been sitting in the basket.)

So most likely, Crazy Cat Quilt, scraps organization, and new blog banner are going to be 2017 goals.

WIP: The Farmer’s Wife (Has a Secret) – Halfway There!

I’ve completed another 10 blocks. That brings me to 57 of 111 complete, which is 51% of the way! Woohoo! Only 54 blocks to go.

This group includes (in alphabetical order): Birds in the Air, Cut Glass Dish, Friendship Block, Honeycomb, Maple Leaf, Mother’s Dream, Peace and Plenty, Periwinkle, Puss in the Corner, and Sawtooth.

Finish: A Very Classy Mini

So um…

Why? Um…

Lucas, Empire Records

I didn’t rush right off and make it or anything. I surfed the urge. But…

Which is how this happened…


Ok, I have one regret, which is not taking my time with the border… Look at that horribly aligned corner! AHH!!! Haha.

Emailed a picture of it to a friend with the note, “I made a thing.” Response: “Can I have it?”

Considering putting this block pattern for sale on Etsy. That just feels right.

Eternal Darkness Runes: Redgormor

It’s weird when you’ve drafted and sewn another pattern, and you want to show it to everyone, but you really don’t have much more to say than “here it is!”

Uh… Here it is! This is the second of the four “target” runes: Redgormor (Area).

Available free for your personal and non-profit use on Craftsy.

Maybe I’ll come up with something more interesting for the next one.

Eternal Darkness Runes: Magormor

The drafting bug has bitten, which is great because I’m cranking out the rune patterns.

Here is the first of the four “target” runes: Magormor (Item).

Available free for your personal and non-profit use on Craftsy.

The other target runes – Redgormor, Aretak, and Santak – are drafted and just need to be sewn. You’ll probably see them over the course of the week.

And I can’t wait to draft the remaining 5 runes!

Eternal Darkness Rune: Pargon

Hey, look who finally got around to drafting and sewing another rune!

Ok, it’s been drafted for a little while.

I drafted an unrelated pattern this weekend and was a little bummed out that I couldn’t test sew it yet. (I don’t have a printer.) And this pattern gave me the stink-eye for ignoring it for so long.

This is Pargon, the power rune. In Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, a basic spell is 3 runes – an alignment, a target, and an action.

To make the spell more powerful, the power rune can be added. A player can cast a spell spell using 3, 5, or 7 runes, so Pargon can be used up to 4 times.

Cast enough spells in a row and you hear the word “pargon” a lot during gameplay. It got stuck in my head often.

And yes, despite the game being years old, the word still occasionally gets stuck on repeat in my head. Actually, entire spells do, and I usually can’t even remember what I’m casting.

Antorbok – Pargon – Magormor – Pargon – Pargon – Xel’lotath – Pargon

Pretty sure I just powered up Oswin so now we can sew faster…

Anyway, that’s 5 runes drafted and sewn. Only 9 runes to go to have the whole set!

I’ve submitted this pattern to Fandom in Stitches, but it’s available on Craftsy right now for all of your (non-profit) Pargon rune needs!