Finish: October Mini

I was hoping to have this finished on Saturday, but life had other plans for me. They weren’t fun plans, and I would like it very much if life could back off for a while.

Anyway, my little quilt stand has been waving a flag since July because I haven’t been keeping up with making minis for the months I’m missing. But Halloween is my fav and I knew I had the perfect orphan block!

The block was the first one I made for the Row Robin Swap, but I trimmed it to the wrong size. *face palm* Past Me’s error is Present Me’s luck. All it took was a few thin borders to have a cute mini.

The cat pattern is by Quilt Art Designs. This particular cat is #3 in her series of silhouettes.

I participated in the swaps for Nov – Jan, so I’m good til next year. Then I’ll try *again* to fill in the months I’m missing.

I would really like to get back to focusing on block making this month. We’ll see how it goes.


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