2016 Goals: September Progress

Oh hey, look at that, it’s the First Day of Halloween October! Happy birthday, Mom.

Let’s check in on my 2016 goals.

I had three large finishes for the month of September. Zero small finishes. That’s 10 finishes for the quarter, and 23 for the year. Considering my goal for the year was 10 total, and I got 10 done this quarter, I’m pretty pleased with myself.

I need to get working on the Crazy Cat Quilt if I’m going to finish it this year. I might push it off. I’m not making it for any particular person or event, so the goal of doing it this year was completely arbitrary.

Finishes in the month of September:

I had hoped to get another large finish but life happened. Maybe this weekend. Or maybe not.

I made more progress on the 350 Block Challenge than I did last month. Although with only one block last month, that wasn’t hard to do.

I made 26 blocks this month. This brings my year to date total for blocks made to 239. If I had checked the numbers yesterday, I might have made one more block to get it up to 240. Oh well.

My scraps pile continues to increase in size and I still haven’t thought about my blog banner. So yea, those goals are going great…


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