Finish: Well Traveled (An H.D. T-Shirt Quilt)

Less than a week after sending off The Harley Davidson T-Shirt Quilt, before I had even fully recovered from the stress / anxiety of making it, I accepted a second commission from one of my client’s friends.

All things considered, this one went just fine. I was an anxious wreck during the process, but not about the quilt. I was stressed about everything else in life. Making this quilt was the only thing going on that I felt good about.

Don’t try to figure that out. It makes little sense. Yay anxiety disorder!

Look! I took a halfway decent picture!

I really love how this quilt turned out. I like the different sized blocks and that nothing really lines up. It’s interesting to look at. Other things I love about it: My birthday is on it, the year I graduated high school is on it, there are TWO skulls on it, and it has a pig on a motorcycle on it (or a hog on a HOG). When will I ever make another quilt that has all of that? Probably never.

My customer had some very cool shirts from all over the world: The USA, England, The Virgin Islands, Singapore! The title of the quilt is actually from one of his shirts. It felt really appropriate.

It’s longer than I was originally planning. I was shooting for approx 60 x 70 and it turned out closer to 60 x 90. It’s really hard to plan a shirt quilt until you have the shirts in your hands. 58.5 x 87 is what worked for these shirts. So it’s an extra long throw.

I managed to quilt it at home. The LQS sold the remaining longarm that they was renting time on, so it was quilt it at home, or pay (more than I wanted from my profits) and wait to have them quilt it on their computerized longarm.

Shout-out to Ann Peterson. I took advantage of the Labor Day class sale on Craftsy, and purchased Ann Peterson’s course on quilting large projects on a small machine. I haven’t finished the entire course yet, but the tips I got in the first few lessons were great.

It’s possible her tips are all “obvious” but as someone who mostly taught herself to quilt, sometimes I need obvious pointed out to me. Anyway, I felt like I didn’t fight with this quilt much, even though it’s the largest thing I’ve ever quilted at home.

It’s probably why I’m in finishing mode lately. I actually feel like I could tackle something queen-sized! (Hubris? Probably.)

Anyway, I really love this quilt. I kind of wanted to keep it. I like it that much. I really need to make myself a shirt quilt. I keep saying I’m going to stop wearing jeans/tees every day. Maybe I should force the change by cutting up all my t-shirts.


Or maybe not.


One thought on “Finish: Well Traveled (An H.D. T-Shirt Quilt)

  1. That came out really nice! I have yet to make a t-shirt quilt for myself. I have roughly “a gazillion” running shirts that I could easily make one. Why is it that I have no problem cutting little bitty squares out of 5 yards of fabric, but I can’t bear to cut a 12″ block out of a t-shirt that I’ll probably never wear again? Who knows!

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