Finish: Friendship Swap

I did it! I finished the other quilt with a pre-made 2016 label!

This was from another Quilting Around the World swap. It’s been sitting around for a while; this swap was in 2013.

For this swap, we all choose a focus fabric and sent a fat quarter of it to each of our friends. You let them know what kind of block you were looking for, what other colors to use, etc.

I chose a red fabric that had very tiny keys on it. I really love keys. I decided I was going for an Americana / Old County Fair kind of look. I asked they add blues and creams and make a block of their choosing. There was an extra condition that the block they chose wasn’t super simple / chunky (like a rail fence).

I loved the blocks they sent back. I believe I only had 7 blocks when all was done, so I made an Ohio Star. For the 9th block, I made a bunch of tiny Friendship Stars, since it was the Friendship Swap.

The quilting is simple, straight-line quilting again.

I like how it turned out. I do wish I had used a rich brown instead of that black though. I don’t hate the black, but it’s a little harsh. I think a nice warm brown would have looked better. Oh well. We all made poor fabric choices from time to time.

I had originally planned for one more border that looked like twisted ribbons. I got lazy. Haha.

I’m in hardcore finishing mode now.

MORTAL KOMBAT! *dance music*

I found another top that’s been hanging around. Going to run out and see if I can find some backing I like. Three finishes in a weekend? I think so! RAWR! No, but probably this month.



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