Finish: Civil War 25-Patch

These blocks came from a Quilting Around the World swap. I completed the top back in January and then got distracted with other projects.

I found the label I pre-made for both this and another swap top last week and realized I wrote “Completed 2016” on them both. I guess I was feeling motivated when I wrote those out. Thanks for the pressure, Past Me.

Well one label at least won’t be a lie!

I’m not a huge fan of Civil War fabrics. I think it’s the muted colors. I wanted to expand my horizons a little bit though, which is why I joined this swap. I rather like the completed quilt. It looks nice on the daybed in The Lair.

It finished at approximately 56 x 68. The quilting is all straight-line quilting done with my walking foot. I ditched all the sashing and then quilted on the diagonal across the blocks.

I think I need to explore taking nicer finish photos. Maybe find a park or something nearby. Although, a cemetery is more my aesthetic. I live in New England… I bet I could have easily found some Civil War era gravestones to drape this quilt across.

Oh well… Maybe the next quilt.

Now to work on that other one! I think I have everything I need to sandwich and quilt right now. Label and binding are already prepared… Another finish in one weekend (and a slightly smaller UFO pile)? LET’S DO THIS.


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