Finishes: Comfort for Critters 3-6

I took so long putting the binding on these babies that the labels all say June. Don’t tell, ok?

These are all approximately 20 inches square and quilted with straight lines using my walking foot.

Quilt 3 (left) is made from leftover blocks from a Quilting Around the World swap. At least, I think they are. I mean, they are definitely from the swap, but I didn’t think I had any leftovers. But if they aren’t leftovers, then where did they come from?! Maybe the Quilt Block Fairy is real!

Quilt 4 (right) were blocks I had intended for a human charity quilt, before I found out about the pet hair thing. So all those blocks will probably get reworked into pet quilts.

Quilt 5 (right this time, just to mix it up) is my favorite of the bunch. I made all those quarter square triangles for a quilt and then HATED how they looked with the other fabrics. I was actually really sad putting them into the orphan box because I thought they were lovely. But look! Now they are a pretty little quilt that will make some kitty or tiny puppy happy!

Quilt 6 (left) is made from leftover blocks from another Quilting Around the World swap. You know, they have lots of swaps over there… if you’re into that… you might consider joining. We love new members. You can join a centralized swap as soon as you join! No wait period! I’m “upirygirl” over there, if you want to say hi. 🙂

Tomorrow I will pop over to the post office and send these off. I am direct mailing to a shelter instead of to the Comfort for Critters central office. Saves on postage. They are headed up to the Franklin County Humane Society in St. Albans, which is sort of local! (Ok, it’s not really local. It’s over 2 hours away. But same state.)



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