Finish: Just Keep Swimming

Have I mentioned there are a lot of babies around lately?

My cousin Lindsayanna chose Finding Nemo / Underwater as the theme for her son’s nursery. She and a friend have been painting the characters on the nursery walls, and they look amazing!

I was excited the theme wasn’t something stereotypically “boy.” At the same time, Finding Nemo isn’t high on my list of favorite movies. Still, I rather like the advice of “Just Keep Swimming.”

I used batiks and tie-dyes for this quilt. Not using batiks and tie-dyes for a water-themed quilt feels wrong somehow. Also, batiks and tie-dyes don’t have a wrong side, which means I don’t have to worry about making the “Oh shoot! I sewed the fabric on backwards!” mistake while I’m paper piecing. Score.

The quilt finished at about 40 x 56 and wound up more green than I was originally planning. I think subconsciously I equate green with ocean water. I grew up near the Jersey Shore. Jersey ocean water is greenish, not crystal blue like in the Caribbean.

The Marlin, Dory, and Squirt patterns are by Lilja Björk Sigurdórsdóttir of liljabs. Yes, I went all in and wrote her whole name on the label instead of just “liljabs.” Credit matters!

I had some trouble putting together Dory, but I think that’s just because my head wasn’t really in it. Life happened hardcore while I was working on Dory. Marlin and Squirt went together easily. (Squirt is so adorable!)

The jellyfish and octopus patterns were picked up at eQuiltPatterns.

“Just Keep Swimming” was created using the same alphabet I used for Princess Dreams. It’s called My First Alphabet and it’s by Diane Bohn of From Blank Pages.

Fun fact: Alternate title for this quilt was “Underwater Conference,” taken from a menu item at a local Chinese restaurant. It makes me laugh whenever I see it. I imagine fish in a boardroom discussing serious fish business.

I did simple straight line quilting at home on my regular machine.

It’s the last baby quilt I’ve committed too! WOOOO! I shall now begin a ban on baby quilts because I am sick of baby quilts!

This ban might last until next year. Plan accordingly. I’ve already turned down one request from a non-family member.


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