2016 Goals: May Progress

Another not very productive month.

Well, that’s not completely true. I got loads of things done. I cleaned and got rid of lots of things I no longer need in my home (everywhere except the Lair). The whole place got a fresh coat of paint too! I’ve been running 3-4 times a week and have gotten up to a 10k distance.

I’m doing stuff, just not much sewing!

I had one finish: Princess Dreams. That’s nine finishes so far this year. One more needed to meet my goal of 10. I have another baby quilt due in June, so I’ll meet that goal. Then I’m taking a break from baby quilts. No one else is allowed to have a child for a while! (Is that too extreme?)

One of my finishes for the year is supposed to the Crazy Cat Quilt. Unfortunately, I just keep buying more cat fabrics instead of turning the cat fabrics I already own into quilt blocks.

I made 21 blocks for the 350 Block Challenge. My year-to-date total is 153.

May’s breakdown:

  • Comfort for Critters: 5
  • Just Keep Swimming: 1
  • Princess Dreams: 5
  • Tennessee Waltz: 10

My scraps pile has gotten bigger. I really need to start working on it but cutting / sorting scraps is so BORING. Where are the magical elves who come into your home at night and do your work for you?

I’ve also still have made zero effort to get a new blog banner.


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