Finish: Princess Dreams

Babies. Babies everywhere.

Family having babies. Friends having babies. Why are there SO MANY BABIES AROUND?

Another cousin is preparing to add a tiny human to his home. Mom was willing to spring for the materials again if I was willing to make the quilt. I think a quilt from me for new babies in the family is getting close to the “just expected” stage.

The theme that was suggested to me for this quilt was Disney Princess.

I really wish someone would ask for a goth or rock-n-roll quilt – something black and punky. Or at the very least, something gender-neutral.

Anyway… here is Princess Dreams!

The quilt finished at approximately 40 x 52. (That’s another “large” for my 2016 goal!)

The Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Snow White, and Ariel portraits are all designed by Michelle Thompson. You can find them (and other princesses) over at Fandom in Stitches.

They finish at 10in square, if you pay attention when you are printing the patterns. I didn’t, so mine finished at 9in square. (I’m usually so careful about making sure to print Actual Size! Not sure how I managed to print them all incorrectly.)

I just added some extra background to get them back up to 10in because my plan was for 10in blocks.

The patterns are time consuming and some sections have lots of tiny pieces. Honestly though, the hardest part for me was sketching out their noses to embroider. Apparently I’m picky about princess noses.

The backs of the blocks were a delight too. Snow White was my favorite. She looks like a little kid who tried putting on makeup. You know how they get the lipstick around their lips instead of on them, and they are so proud and think they look so pretty?

The word “PRINCESS” was created using My First Alphabet by Diane Bohn of From Blank Pages. I picked the pattern up on Etsy.

In a strange sequence of events, I wound up quilting this using the autopilot feature on the longarm at the quilt shop. I got the rundown of how to use the machine and then I was on my own (unless I really needed help).

If I’m being completely honest, I prefer quilting it myself, even if I just do a meander. I find quilting on a longarm rather meditative. It’s not much fun watching the machine do all the work for you. Still, I’m grateful I was able to use the computerized machine, since the other machine wasn’t available.

The finished product is way different than I had originally designed. My original plan was 4 princesses and 4 quotes about dreams. (Three quotes were from the princesses/movies  and one was from the man himself, Walt Disney.) The title of Princess Dreams makes more sense when you know that.

But not even 25% of the way through piecing Cinderella’s well known song lyric, I was bored piecing letters. They were taking a long time and I only had about a month to complete the entire quilt.

Still, I’m satisfied with the finished product. I mean, it’s not really my thing. I believe I described it as “so cute I could vomit” when I finished the top. But yes, satisfied.

And there’s yet another cousin with a baby on the way. It’s a boy though, so no princesses or pink.


But no grunge or skulls either. Boo.


9 thoughts on “Finish: Princess Dreams

  1. yes – i do know what you mean about gender neutral quilts – but you made another great quilt – what’s not to like ? 🙂 …. by the way are you on Instagram ?


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