Row Robin Swap: Evelyn

It’s the final row!

Evelyn decided she wanted to make a quilt for her granddaughter. She picked the theme “Choose Happy” and wanted blocks made with 30s prints featuring something a child would recognize (such as butterflies, flowers, etc).

I originally wanted to make elephants, because I wanted to make an elephant using pink fabric. (Pink elephants are awesome.) I even bought an elephant pattern.

But when I received the previous rows, I noticed a secondary theme seemed to have naturally developed, at least in my mind. All the previous rows could have been used for a “Country Garden Tea Party” quilt. Elephants just didn’t fit in.


On the plus side, I discovered that I didn’t really have any pink 30s fabrics and the local shop that sells 30s fabrics was closed for 2 weeks for Mud Season. Ah, Vermont – where stores close for half a month because mud. (I think they actually inventory or something, but whatever. They are inconveniently closed for 2 weeks every April and they list Mud Season as the reason on their website.)

Since elephants were out, I browsed online looking for patterns of things that made me happy but could also be found in a country garden. I browsed until my cat decided I had been on the computer long enough and sat in front of the screen.

Or maybe she just wanted to remind me that she made me happy.

Cats it is!

The cats were from the Flirting Felines pattern found at It was not a complicated pattern.

For the center, a simple scrappy heart. I thought that went nicely with the hearts formed by the cats’ tails. Also, I was sure Evelyn wouldn’t mind lots of love in the quilt for her granddaughter.

I’m so in love with this row, I almost didn’t want to send it along. But I’m glad I did, because I absolutely love what Evelyn sent to me.

In return for some happy, loving kitties, Evelyn made Haunted Houses for my Monochromatic Halloween quilt!

Look how adorable! And can we talk about how freaking cute that little quilt on the clothesline is?! That’s not patterned fabric. She actually pieced that tiny quilt!


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