Row Robin Swap: Nancy

Nancy’s was the second quilt I got to work on. Nancy chose a garden theme for her quilt. She made a beautiful scene for her starter row with a little house, girl, and garden. She requested the rest of us make rows of blocks featuring garden items in pastels.

I chose to make flowers for Nancy. Using some great patterns from Piece by Number Quilts, I made Calla Lilies, Morning Glories, and a Tulip in the center.

I really love these patterns. I found them very easy to work with. I also love that she gives you the reverse pattern also! You get right-facing and left-facing versions of the flowers when you purchase.

The calla lily and morning glory patterns can be purchased individually, but if you want the tulip, you have to purchase the bundle. I wanted the tulip, which meant buying the bundle… which included the Rose pattern I had previously purchased. Oh well. Worth it.

In return, Nancy made a row for my Monochromatic Halloween Quilt. She made monsters!

What a fun use of the snowball block! A little applique, a little embroidery, and spooky monsters appear!

Nancy is a little bit of a rule breaker! A tiny drop of red made it’s way into in her row. It looks cute though, so I can’t be real upset about it.


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