Row Robin Swap: Candis

The fourth quilt in my rotation (well, fifth if you count my own) was Candis’s quilt. Candis loves “sharp crisp points.” She was looking for many-pointed stars, compasses, suns, New York beauties, etc. She loves all kinds of fabrics, so she invited us to let our imaginations run wild. I don’t think star and space background fabrics were required but we all seemed to use them.

I chose to do a mix of two different patterns, both created by Quilting on the Square. (I actually found the patterns at Wombat Quilts though.)

Two of the blocks used the Compass of Many Colors pattern. It is originally a 12in pattern, so I shrunk it down a bit. I also played with the color placement, which made it look different than the original pattern. This block has 80 pieces in it!

The other three blocks used the Rolling Compass pattern. Again, it was shrunk down from 12in to 9in. This block only has 40 pieces in it. (I never thought I’d be relieved that a block pattern had 40 pieces!)

I really love how it turned out. It was a lot of work though.

In return for these compasses, Candis created a row for my Monochromatic Halloween quilt. She made spiders!

Pieced spiderwebs with applique spiders and spider fabric for good measure! I’m not a huge fan of real spiders, but I love these quilty spiders.


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