Row Robin Swap: Annette

Annette wanted Civil War fabrics and blocks with a twist. She wanted you to add a paper-pieced section, or some applique, or something else that isn’t traditionally on the block.

This wound up being the hardest row for me to work on. I don’t really love Civil War fabrics and I’m not all that familiar with which blocks are Civil War era blocks. This was the second to last row I worked on, so the few blocks I knew were Civil War were already taken by time my turn came up.

I eventually remembered that I had the Underground Railroad Sampler book, so chose the Basket block from there. My twist was breaking the large square of the basket part into another block. I paper-pieced little nested squares.

All-in-all I’m satisfied with what I made. It blended nicely with the rows that were already created. I hope Annette likes it.

In return, Annette made ghosts for my Monochromatic Halloween quilt!

She appliqued those by hand! I personally don’t have the patience for applique, so I’m crazy impressed by them.


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