Row Robin Swap: Patti

Going slightly out of order as Nancy hasn’t actually gotten her rows in the mail yet!

The 3rd quilt I got to work on was for Patti. Patti’s husband is an entomologist so Patti choose insects as her theme! She asked for realistic-looking bugs and their natural environments. (Translation: No bugs wearing goofy smiles and no sky backgrounds because most bugs fly.)

I decided quite early that I really wanted to do bees and honeycomb. I was super excited when it was my turn and found that bees weren’t taken yet! (If I was one further down the line, I’m pretty sure they would be. The two ladies after me were sad I claimed bees!)

For the large bees, I used the Honey Bee pattern from Piece by Number. This is one of her many free patterns. It is very easy to work with.

To represent their habitat, I chose to go the honeycomb route – hexagons in yellows, browns, and creams. I mixed in some more paper pieced bees using this great little pattern from badskirt.

When I finished, I wasn’t sure I liked it. Then I laid it out with the three rows before it and decided it blended quite nicely. Which was great, because each of those honeycomb blocks took me 3 hours! Thankfully, working on Nosegays for GG gave me tons of practice with Y-Seams, or these blocks might have taken even longer.

The Hexy Bee pattern is of the kind where the sections are not separated on the paper. You have to cut them out on the seam lines and don’t have any extra paper around the design. I always have trouble with those. I’ll try to put them together, but mess it up. This isn’t a reflection on the pattern, just my abilities.

If you’re like me and you prefer to have your seam allowance in paper too, I have a tip. I cut out all my pattern pieces and then photocopy them spread out. The copies allow me to have that extra bit of paper around the design that I like to have. (Not sure why that quarter inch of paper makes such a big difference for me, but it does!)

Moving on!

In return for a bug row, Patti made a row for my Monochromatic Halloween Quilt. She made bats!

It’s a bit hard to see, but those bats are in front of a giant full moon! What a nice little detail!


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