Row Robin Swap: GG

Fall of 2015, I joined a Row Robin swap. (You can read a bit more about it here if you like.)

I’ve been working on it since then, but couldn’t show you what I was making as we were all to be surprised at the end.

The swap has concluded and we have all received back our rows. So now I can show you what I made for each of my friends and what they made for me! Expect a post a day for the next 5 days!

Up first in my line-up was GG’s quilt. GG had chosen 30s as her theme. She wanted patterns that were popular in the 30s made with 30s reproduction fabrics. She also really loves scrappy quilts!

I chose the Nosegay block for GG. (It’s also known as a Bridal Bouquet.)

So. Many. Y-Seams.

I had a little trouble with the first two, but by time I made the fifth, I had gotten the hang of it. I think. Out of all the rows I made, this one gave me the most trouble. Not the best way to start a months-long swap, but I survived.

If you would like to give the Nosegay a try, you can find free templates for a 12″ block over at McCall’s Quilting. (If you choose to shrink or enlarge the templates, remember that this will make the quarter inch seam lines on the template a size other than a quarter inch. It’s one of those obvious things that is easy to forget and is totally how I messed up my very first block!)

In return, GG made a row for my Monochromatic Halloween Quilt. She made skulls! I love skulls. I’m surprised no one had made them before her. (I had GG’s quilt first and GG had mine last.)

I love how happy they look!


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