Crumb Blocks!

One of my goals for the year was to start whittling down the scraps pile. It all needs to be cleaned up, organized, and used. I really should just take 10 minutes a day and trim some things down into standard sizes. (Actually, maybe I will start doing that.)

In the meantime, I started stitching together oddball pieces into crumb blocks!

They take a lot longer to put together than I thought they would. I suppose I might get faster at it if I keep working on them.

I decided on a 6″ finished size for my crumb blocks. Many people do a 3″ size. Maybe that would go faster? But then I would have to make more to cover the same area, so it probably works out the same.

One of the things I really like about crumb blocks is that the trimmings can be used in the next block.

That’s all I’ve currently got to show! I’m a terrible blogger. /shrug


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