WIP: The Farmer’s Wife (Has a Secret) – Another 5 Blocks

When I posted my February Progress, I noted I hadn’t felt very productive for the month. I seem to have decided to see how unproductive I can be!

It’s the 26th and I’ve only just sewn quilt blocks today for March. I’m a slacker. If I can get 3 more blocks sewn before the end of the month, I’ll have an even 100 for the year towards the 350 block challenge.

Three blocks sewn today were for the Row Robin, but I took a little break from that to knock out a block for the Farmer’s Wife so I had a nice round group of 5 to show you.

This group includes (in alphabetical order): Night & Day, Noon & Light, Waste Not, Wild Goose Chase, and Windmill.

That brings me up to 25 blocks completed. Only 86 to go.

Although I am enjoying the Row Robin, I’m glad it’s almost over. (After I finish the row I have, only one more row to work on!) I’m looking forward to getting back to working on whatever I feel like working on without any looming deadlines.


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