Finished Quilt: March Mini

I actually finished this mini in January, but as I intended it for the swap, I couldn’t show you. It would have ruined the surprise.

The theme isn’t super creative. (I think I’ve said that for every mini I’ve made!) I considered doing Pi Day, but decided against it. When sewing a mini in a swap, I want to make something I like, but also something that anyone else would like. I figure unless you know your partner really well, it’s better to use a more common theme.

Or… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The center shamrock was paper pieced. The pattern is called Lucky Shamrock and was designed by Caroline Press of Trillium Design. There were lots of sections that were just one piece. Now that I’ve started basting the paper to the fabric for those one-piece sections, I didn’t have any trouble putting it together.

That’s the end of the swapping series. I have half a year to fill in for myself since I only swapped in six. So you’ll probably be seeing some more minis from me soon, as I don’t currently have anything to hang up for April or May! (Well technically, I don’t have anything to hang up for March yet either. Will post when I receive the mini that’s being made for me!)


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