Finished Quilt: Scrappy Squares

If I remember correctly, this was originally intended to be Fading Charms (pattern by Wedding Dress Blue). Then it turned out that I had WAY less grey than I realized. Ran out pretty quickly and this top has just been sitting around for about 2 years.

I thought about making it bigger. Or maybe buying more grey and actually doing Fading Charms.

Then I counted all the projects listed on my Works in Progress page. There were 15, including this one. FIFTEEN!

And I’m always starting more! (For example, since I counted, I completed another baby quilt top! So even now that this is finished, there are still 15 projects on my WIP list!)

That decided it. Quilt it. Bind it. Get it out the door. (And off the WIP list!)

Also, my cat has decided that my finish photos really just aren’t the same when she isn’t in them. So expect to see her from now on. I was honestly surprised I’ve gotten so many without her in them.

It finished at approximately 44″ square, which means I get to count it as a large finish for the year! Woohoo!I was also able to use up a few scraps of leftover binding. I love scrappy binding on scrappy quilts.

I’m not completely in love with it overall though. I mean, I don’t hate it or anything, but… I guess I’m indifferent towards it.

You ever pick up an old project and see that you were clearly not taking your time? I rushed the construction on this top. It’s still a perfectly usable quilt, but it’s certainly not in the running for “My Best Work Ever!”

Into the charity pile it goes! I realized recently that no matter how ugly or how bad you think your art turned out, someone somewhere will LOVE it. So to whoever winds up loving this quilt, here’s to you. Rock on.

I think I might try Fading Charms again some time in the future. It’s a really great way to use up scraps.


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