WIP: The Farmer’s Wife (Has a Secret) – First 20 Blocks

I’ve officially started over! The Farmer’s Wife quilt is in progress! Again! Woo!

As I mentioned in my post about The Farmer’s Wife’s Baby, I’ve chosen to use red, black, white, and grey only. I also want to have a skull on every block. I chose this because I decided the farmer’s wife has a terrible secret.

She’s a serial killer. She buries the bodies in the flower patch. That’s why the petunias grow so big.

I know. I’m a strange duck. I even designed a custom fabric that I had printed at Spoonflower based on my theme that is repeating text saying, “The farmer’s wife has a secret. Don’t dig up the flower patch.”

Wait… where are you going? Come back!

I was able to complete 20 blocks this week and here they are!

Blocks completed this week (in alphabetical order): Attic Window, Autumn Tints, Basket Weave, Bat Wing, Big Dipper, Box, Broken Dishes, Broken Sugar Bowl, Buzzard’s Roost, Calico Puzzle, Churn Dash, Contrary Wife, Economy, Evening Star, Friendship, Friendship Star, Gentleman’s Fancy, Kitchen Woodbox, Postage Stamp, Wrench.

I’m really glad I added more greys this time around. I feel like it really breaks up the dark of the black and red. I’ve already decided on a dark grey sashing. I’m also wondering how hard it would be to fussy cut setting triangles using the leftover fabric from my ironing board cover.

Speaking of fussy cutting – it’s important to remember if you’re setting your blocks on point when you fussy cut. I have a few blocks where I forgot and now the design I centered and cut out is sideways. Oops.

Anyway, that’s 20 blocks towards my 2016 goal! (Plus an additional two blocks that I decided I didn’t like and threw in the Orphan Block box.)

If I keep up this pace, I’ll be ready to construct the top by March!


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