WIP: Super Mario Quilt – Lakitu

Last year, I stumbled across this great pattern by Nichole’s Nerdy Knots for a Super Mario Brothers quilt.

Today, I finished my first character: Lakitu!

Lakitu is approximately 26 x 18… made up of 468 patches.

Why did I decide to actually do all the patches like the pattern and not strips?

Because PIXELS.

And also because I like to make things far harder than they need to be.

The entire quilt has over 7,300 squares. I’m going to regret my decision. I think I already do.

Anyway… Lakitu was a good learning experience. I broke the character up into 6 blocks: four 9×9 and two 9×8. I think future characters need to be broken down further. An 81-patch was difficult to work with. I’d get tired and start getting sloppy – seams don’t line up, some sections aren’t lying flat, etc. Next character will come out better if I work in smaller bites.

Now the question is – which character do I work on next? I’m leaning towards Boo or Bullet Bill.


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