Ironing Boards & Fandoms

This is the view from the lair today.

Blech, snow. Great day to stay indoors and stitch!

First project of the day was to recover my ironing board. I made a great cover a couple years ago using the collage print from the Michael Miller Nevermore collection. I’m not exactly sure why, but tears formed in the center.

I really like having an ironing board cover that fits my personality. As I’m fond of the human skull, and it’s not like I can run to the local big box store and purchase a cover with skulls on it, replacing the cover meant sewing a new one.

Damask skulls from Timeless Treasures this time!

So classy! (I had actually considered using the Chillingsworth panel, but it wasn’t long enough.)

Also, I am super excited to announce that the first of my Eternal Darkness Rune patterns is now also listed at Fandom in Stitches!! I’m a Fandom in Stitches designer now! Yay me!

Slowly, my fear of The Fraud Police wanes. This calls for roses!


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