2016 Goals

In 2015, I set some goals for myself. This is not really something I do – I’ve thought New Year’s Resolutions were stupid since I was in middle school – but 2014 was so rough, I knew I’d need a year to get over it!

Surprisingly, I met quite a few and made good progress on several others. I must be getting better at goal setting!

So it’s time to decide what quilty things I’d like to focus on in 2016. I’m going to make a permanent page and link it at the top there to keep track.

I’ve previously mentioned the Crazy Cat Quilt being a goal. I made the second block last night. I also asked my friends at Quilting Around the World what their favorite quilt blocks are, so I’ve got a short list for when I’m stuck choosing a block design.

QATW has hosted a contest the last couple years for finishes. You’ve got all year to get 10 finishes, 6 of which can be smaller than 40 x 40. You post each month how many you’ve completed, and there are quarterly prize opportunities.

I’ve signed up again, but I would like to have more large finishes than small this year. So my goal is a minimum of 10 finished quilts, 6 of which are larger than 40 x 40. I’ve got enough UFOs and ideas for new projects that I should be able to meet this goal easily.

Speaking of finishes! The Bookcase needs to be done in time for me to gift it to my friend for her 35th birthday near the end of February! I’ve been dilly-dallying far too long, having already passed two possible gift-giving occasions. It’s time to GET. IT. DONE.

This morning, my inbox had a couple post notifications from other bloggers mentioning block challenges. Sally at Me ‘n’ Henry Lee mentioned starting a Circular 365 Block Challenge put forth by Audrey at Quilty Folk. Deanna of Wedding Dress Blue mentioned the 350 Block Challenge from Prairie Moon Quilts that she was just finishing.

I like the idea of a Block Challenge. If Prairie Moon Quilts officially starts a 350 Block Challenge for 2016, I will join. But I’m setting 350 blocks as my goal either way. That’s about a block a day, which I think it completely doable!

So to recap, my 2016 Quilty Goals are pretty simple and manageable:

  • At least 10 Finishes
    • Six to be 40 x 40 or larger
    • To include the Crazy Cat Quilt
    • To include the Bookcase
  • 350 Quilt Blocks

Maybe I will add more goals as the year continues, but this is a great place to start! When I add in my other personal goals, I will be working at a good pace in 2016.


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