2016 Goal: Crazy Cat Quilt

Much like most of the interwebs, I really love cats. This love of felines has led to me collecting cat-themed fabrics. It’s incredibly difficult for me to enter a quilt shop and not come out with at least one fat quarter with cats on it.

This may or may not be all of it…

I decided it’s time to actually do something with all of these cat fabrics. One of my 2016 quilt goals is to create the Crazy Cat Quilt.

My plan is to have a quilt of different size blocks. That’s where the plan ends. I haven’t actually designed anything. I’m just going to make blocks of different sizes and figure it out later.

What could possibly go wrong?

No time like the present to get started, so here is block #1! It’s a simple 12″ star block.

The center is from a panel of cat breeds by Elizabeth’s Studio. (I own two of this panel. Why? Because I used the grey American Shorthair for someone else and then I missed that cat because it looks like my cat. Thus, I had to replace it. I just had to! I know, I have problems…)


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