I Used a Longarm!

Today I took myself over to Four Pines Quilting to rent a little time on the longarm. I immediately named it Gloria. Say hello to Gloria.

Brent asked me if I would like to practice first on another quilt before working on my own. He has a big pile of charity quilts that need to be done and I could quilt one of those first to get the hang of it.

The quilt above is the one I practiced on and it came out well.

Being on the shorter side, using the longarm took a little effort. We lowered the work space as much as we could without taking off the wheels.

The work arm is a little heavier than I was expecting. The machine is on a concrete floor as well, so my knees and hips hurt a little bit after standing for so long.

But wow can you quilt so much faster on a longarm than on a home machine!! I spent just over an hour doing a basic meander on the quilt for A’s baby. If I tried to quilt it at home, I would have been working on it for days and my stitching would not be so even.

Not too bad, right?

I would love to have my own longarm machine at home. If only I had the space! (And the money!)

Until then, it’s great to know I can knock out a bigger project on the machines at my local quilt shop.



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