Finished Top & Back: A Quilt for A’s Baby

About two years ago when I was still on Facebook, I posted a picture of a black, white, and pink quilt top I made. Honestly, I hated it. (I still hate it and it’s still not a finished quilt.)

A member of the family loved it though and said that if she was having a baby girl, it was the kind of quilt she’d love to have for her daughter.

So I did that thing you sometimes do without thinking and said whenever she was pregnant with a daughter, I’d make her something similar. But not the same one because I don’t ever want to make the same quilt twice. (And also, have I mentioned I hated it?)

Five days ago, I found out she’s pregnant.

With a girl.

And the baby shower was 3 weeks away, with Thanksgiving smack dab in the middle of my time window. Great…

Since freaking out about the time constraints wouldn’t help, I just got to work. I finished the top on Monday. It’s approximately 44 x 57. (Please excuse the terrible cell phone photos.)

Naturally because I’m on a time crunch, I couldn’t just do a simple backing of extra wide fabric. No! I needed to do a paper pieced message,* adding a good 5 hours onto my work time because paper piecing takes forever.

The label is made and I thought I was going to get to take a little break. However, I just realized I still need to make the binding. That’s a project for tomorrow, I think.

On Saturday, I’m off to the local quilt shop to rent a little time on the longarm and get this lovely quilted. I’m super excited as this is the first quilt I will be quilting on a longarm!

If all goes according to plan, this quilt will be 100% finished on Sunday.


* Alphabet pattern by Linda of Paper Panache.




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