I’m Always Losing Things

Does anyone else often find themselves saying, “I’m going to leave this here so I remember where it is,” only to realize later that you don’t remember where it is. You can remember you put it somewhere special so you wouldn’t lose it, but you can no longer remember where that special place was.

I do this.

All. The. Time.

Most recent example: I’ve lost almost all the feet for one of my sewing machines, Cadfael.

Cadfael is a very old, very inexpensive machine from a big box store that probably should have died years ago. So far, all I’ve had to replace was the pedal/power cord. He can be a little tempermental, but I still love him.

I mostly sew with Oswin, who is a workhorse. He only does straight-stitching though. So when I need to use another type of stitch, like a zig-zag, I have to get out Cadfael. It’s a rare event – I don’t applique much.

I moved Oswin, put Cadfael on my work table and plugged him in. The last time I used him was to put some cording on a pillow, so I pulled off the cording foot and that’s when I realized I had no idea where any of the other feet were.

I spent about 45 minutes looking everywhere I could think of to look. Nothing. Not a single foot. I can’t even think of anywhere else I could have reasonably put them!

I’m on a time crunch to get this quilt finished, so I took Cadfael back off the work table and set Oswin up again. I attached the Dresden Plate to the background using a straight stitch. I’m not particularly happy about it but a girl’s gotta do… I’ll make sure I quilt a bunch over it.

Does anyone know where Cadfael’s feet are? Anyone?!


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