Kitties, Swaps, and Books

I changed my theme for my Row Robin Swap quilt. The Dragonflies on the Pond theme just wasn’t working for me. I was getting incredibly stressed out and not having fun. So before the “pick your theme” deadline, I asked to change mine.

My new theme is Spooky Things! Black cats, skulls, monsters, owls, etc. Basically it’s going to be a Halloween quilt BUT there was a small catch. I really don’t care for the orange/purple/green colors of most Halloween quilts, so my colors were limited to black, white, and shades of grey.

For my row, I chose to do black cats!

I’m not sure I love that I used 5 different cats, but I’m going with it. I think I will like it better later. I’m just being super critical of myself about everything lately.

I picked up the patterns for the cats on Craftsy. They are by Quilt Art Designs. (There are 12 cats to choose from.)


Honest review of the patterns I used: I love the designs, but I found the patterns a little hard to work with. With foundation piecing, there should be nothing but straight lines. On these patterns, sometimes the lines would be mostly straight, but go off on a slight angle at the end.

Also, there was a section on one cat that was numbered incorrectly. What was labeled piece 4 should have been piece 5, and had to be removed so that I could get the pattern together properly.

Mix those things with my standard foundation piecing mistakes – unlike Mary Poppins, I’m not practically perfect in any way – and it was quite the experience for me.

I’m definitely not saying to not use these patterns. (Unless you’re an absolute beginner, then maybe try something else first.) The patterns are workable, but you have to really pay 100% attention while you are working on them. If you can do that (not personally one of my strong suits), then you will wind up with a super cute block at the end.

The designer has a lot of great patterns. I will probably buy another one in the future, but not for a swap / project with a deadline.


I joined more swaps. I don’t know what I was thinking either. But I did it anyway. It really seemed like a good idea at the time.

I joined the Monthly Mini swaps for November, December, and January. I have ideas for December and January, but I’m having a really hard time deciding on November. A Thanksgiving theme just seems so OBVIOUS.

Sigh, I’ll come up with something… probably Thanksgiving-themed.

In my last post, I mentioned my first goal for October was to finish quilting and bind the Bookcase. I think my progress on that can be summed up by the following picture:



4 thoughts on “Kitties, Swaps, and Books

  1. Those cats are astounding! I like that they are all different. And I too think you made a wise choice on the monochromatic theme. I’ll be excited to see some updates on it when your pass the quilt along is finished! ☺ Hannah


    • Thanks so much! I believe this swap will be finishing up next summer. They are giving us 5 weeks to work on each row. Right now I have a quilt that wants traditional 30s patterns in 30s fabrics. It’s fun working with patterns I don’t usually use!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I didnt even know things like that e isted ☺ Ive always liked the 1930s repro prints, they are just a bit expensive for me! You inspired me and I signed up for the 2016 Stash Bee! Have you ever done it? You make a block for someone’s else’s quilt each month, and when it is your month you have a bunch of workers making blocks for you!


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