Guess Who’s Back!

If your guess was “Christy,” then give yourself 5 points!

I have this weird character trait where I go back and forth between obsession and apathy for my hobbies. Makes it super hard to do that whole “find a job doing what you love!” thing since just because I love it this week doesn’t mean I will next week.

Anyway, I’m coming out of my quilting apathy again and excited to get back to work on my projects.

First goal for October is to finish quilting and bind the Bookcase. B’s anniversary is in November, and it would be lovely to gift it to her then. (But there’s always Christymas* if something prevents getting it done this month.)

My other main focus for the next few months is a Row Robin swap I’ve joined with my online quilting group. We get to choose the theme for our quilt, make the first row, then ship it to the next name on the list. From then on, each person will not get to see their own quilt until it’s returned again with a row from each of the other members of the group.

I chose Dragonflies by the Pond as my theme. Each row should have at least one dragonfly and one pond element, such as lilies or reeds. I have until 22 October to get my row completed and sent off to the the next person. (Short turn around for our own row. We get a bit more time to work on other people’s rows.)

This is an “advanced” swap, so traditional pieced blocks aren’t good enough! We have to do more advanced techniques that a beginner probably wouldn’t be able to do, such as hand applique or paper piecing. Hand applique is not my favorite thing to do, but I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of it based on some of the other themes I’ve seen mentioned in the group.

I’m a bit nervous to participate as this is a long term commitment and well… here’s hoping I don’t have any more periods of quilting apathy until we’re done. I’ll get my rows done either way, but it will be more fun if I want to work on them rather than have to work on them.

Wish me luck!

* Not exactly a typo. When you’re name is Christy, writing Christmas is difficult because your hand is trained to put a Y after the C-H-R-I-S-T. As such, I’ve embraced the error and write it that way on purpose now. I have my own holiday.


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