TBT: Oreo Swap (2012)

This week’s Throwback Thursday is a lap quilt made from blocks swapped at QuiltingAroundtheWorld.com.

I think this was only my 2nd swap with the group. I was still unsure of myself and my abilities – namely, were my blocks good enough to give to another person to use in a quilt?

I haven’t been kicked out of the group, so I’m guessing they are!

This quilt contains blocks from Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, New Mexico, and Vermont.

I wanted the back to look a little like a present wrapped in ribbon as I knew it was going to be a gift.

I quilted it myself on the diagonal. This was the first large quilt I had quilted myself. Previously all I had done were place mats or minis.

I stitched the last stitch in October – plenty of time to send it to my grandmother in New Jersey for Christmas. She had been in and out of hospitals. I wanted her to have something to keep her warm and to know that I was thinking of her.

She loved it. She showed it off to people. “My granddaughter made this.” It made her happy. That’s what I wanted.

The first time I ever heard, “Aren’t you a little young for a quilter?” was in the hospital about this quilt. I replied that I was in my 30s. Apparently that’s still young to be a quilter. Who knew? Not me.

The quilt is on the back of my recliner now. I got it back when my grandmother passed away. She only had the quilt for about a year, but for that year, she was wrapped up in love.


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