TBT: King of the Jungle (2014)

This week’s Throwback Thursday is another baby quilt. My uncle’s new wife’s daughter (I guess that makes her my cousin, doesn’t it?) was pregnant and my mom asked me if I would make a quilt as a gift. She’d pay for the materials, I would make the quilt, and it would be from both of us.

I had originally planned something super simple, but when I heard their nursery theme was going to be “jungle,” I remembered seeing an awesome lion quilt in Quiltmaker Magazine.

It was one of the Patch Pals – The Regal Patch to be exact.

In theory, Patch Pals are super easy to make, but gosh do they take a long time! They are super cute though, even if you forget to put on the lion’s whiskers…

Fun fact: I was listening to an audiobook while I worked on this quilt. Every time I see this quilt, I remember the book: Three Graves Full by Jaime Mason. A fun baby quilt featuring a lion makes me think about a book that begins, “There is very little peace for a man with a body buried in his backyard.”

I think that’s funny, but I’m odd.


For the back, I used a fun print I found of some jungle animals, a bit of the leftover fabric from the binding, and a small label.

Simple stitch-in-the-ditch quilting made the most sense as I didn’t want to distract from the lion.

We live in a different state than my uncle and his family, so we weren’t actually at the baby shower when the quilt was received. I got some very nice words from my aunt though. Everyone loved the quilt.

Hey, have I mentioned how my cat really enjoys photo-bombing my finish photos? She’s quite convinced that if there’s a quilt on the floor and my camera in my hand, it means I want to take a photo of HER.


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