Finish: Hip Hop Wall Hanging SPE

It’s midnight. So Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans!

I have finished the Hip Hop Wall Hanging: Scroobius Pip Edition! I had fun making this and will probably make more things like this. I’m calling them Quote Quilts.

This measures approximately 26″ x 33″. I didn’t have a pattern overall, just an idea in my head.

I did the embroidery by hand. This is what took me the longest as it’s rare I can make myself sit still doing handwork.

The paper piecing alphabet patterns are by Linda of Paper Panache. The little umbrella girl pattern is by Teri of Handiwerx.

I’ve just realized I did not include that information on my quilt label! I will have to see if I can squeeze it on there. I like to give credit where it’s due.

The quilting is straight-line, mostly stitch-in-the-ditch.

This quote comes from the track Domestic Silence on the album Distraction Pieces. (The song is about a gentleman who attempts suicide. If that bothers you, don’t listen to the track.)


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