Throwback Thursday: The Monkey Inception Quilt (2011)

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Today’s Throwback Thursday features the very first quilt I ever finished!

When a friend from high school found out she was pregnant, I saw a golden opportunity for me. I could finally force myself to really learn how to make (and actually finish) a quilt. All I had to do was tell her I was going to make her one.

I mean, you don’t go back and tell an expectant mother that you’ve changed your mind about making a quilt for her new bundle of joy, right?



I still had no idea what I was doing. I half-drafted something using Microsoft Publisher and Excel based on a picture I had seen online.

I could have just bought an existing pattern – or even found a free pattern online – but hey, why do things the easy way when you can make it way more complicated and frustrating for yourself?

Pattern?! I don’t need no stinking pattern!

Because I wasn’t using a pattern, I had no idea how much fabric I needed. I seriously think I bought around 6 yards.

For a small baby quilt.

I know.

I used one of those cheater-quilt fabrics as my large squares, so it looks far more complicated to make than it actually was.

Monkey Inception Quilt
The tradition of my cat photo-bombing my finish photos also started.
Look how little she was!!

I didn’t quilt it myself. I had it done on the longarm at Four Pines Quilting (my favorite LQS!) using a monkey pattern to match the monkey fabric.

Monkey Stitching
Can you see the monkey stitching?

In fact, that monkey-shaped quilting is how the quilt got its name. When my friend Rob saw pictures of the quilt, he commented that he was going to say there weren’t enough monkeys for a Monkey Quilt, but then he saw the stitching. “Well played. It’s like Inception!”

And it became known as The Monkey Inception Quilt.

I had no idea how to join the binding after attaching it and did something weird, but hey it held. I don’t believe it has a label.

I learned a lot of what to do (and what not to do) when making a quilt.

In the end, I finished a quilt and my friend loved it. That’s all that really matters.


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