Seven Quilts for David’s House

At the beginning of April, I decided I needed to keep myself super busy for a while. Since I’ve been wanting to make at least 6 quilts for charity for about a year now, it seemed like a good time to get that done.

Crib quilts are quick and easy to knock out, so I got to work. Some of these were UFOs. Some were brand new starts.

Here are three I’m particularly happy with.

A Safe Port

Space Lattice Kitties* (Oops I forgot to get a picture of it finished!)

Vintage Baseball

After I was finished, I realized I didn’t know which charity I was going to send them to. There are lots of charities online, but I wanted them to stay pretty local. Remembering there was a children’s hospital at Dartmouth, I did some research and discovered David’s House.

I reached out to them, asking if they accepted quilts and what size they preferred. They wrote back saying they would love baby quilts. Well isn’t that convenient? I just happen to have 7 sitting here.

You know, I didn’t even think about the value of what I was sending until I needed to put insurance on the package today. Even lowballing, it was quite a bit! Worth it though if these quilts can give comfort to a child and his/her family. Wouldn’t you agree?

* Note: The Space Lattice Kitties quilt was based on the pattern Fluttering Wings, which was free from Quilter Magazine in 2012. I reduced the size of the blocks to make a baby quilt. I thought the pattern was still online, but I haven’t been able to find it. (It also seems like Quilter Magazine’s website is currently down.)


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