In Progress: A Bookcase for B.

When I first saw a bookcase quilt, I thought two things.

  1. That’s awesome! I have to make one.
  2. B. would love that.

I finally had the time and inclination to get started on it. It’s a surprise for her. (I’m reasonably sure she won’t see this as the blog is new and I haven’t told her about it. B – if you’re reading this, LOOK AWAY!)

My progress so far.

It’s coming along but there’s still a ways to go! I’d like it to be a nice lap quilt size. I’m thinking another column and another shelf.

I want to include a framed photo of her and her husband as well. Just need her to send me one when she has time. (It was fun sending that email. “For reasons you needn’t concern yourself with, I need a picture of you and your husband…”)

Quick notes about things included so far.

  1. The owl is Hedwig from the Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt-a-long. The pattern was designed by Jennifer Ofenstein of Sewhooked and is available for free at Fandom in Stitches.
  2. The hatching baby dragon was designed by Linda of Paper Panache. The pattern is available for sale at her website.
  3. The sunflower is a tiny dresden plate. I believe the petals are 2.5 inches.

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