2018 Quilty Goals!



I didn’t really set any goals for 2017. I think I overdid it in 2016 and burned myself out. It’s a thing I do. So I spent 2017 sort of floating around.

I’ve got some moderate goals for 2018. I should be able to complete them without a ton of extra effort. Small, consistent steps should do it.

  1. 5 quilt blocks per week / 20 quilt blocks per month: I don’t care what the blocks are. I don’t care if it’s a 6 inch block made of scrap squares. (In fact, that might even be better – I can turn those scraps into something!) But whatever they are, there’s no reason I can’t knock out 5 blocks in a week. This will give me 110 blocks by the end of the year.
  2. 1 large finish or 2 small finishes per month: I generally consider a quilt “large” if it’s at least 40 in square (or 1600 sq in). I’ve got a bunch of WIP – some literally have just waiting for binding since 2016 – so again, there’s no reason I can’t meet this goal. I should have 12-24 finished projects by the end of the year.
  3. Put something in the Etsy shop: I technically have an Etsy shop, I’ve just never put anything in it. I want to draft and sell patterns. I’ve drafted a couple patterns that could be sold, but never test-sewed them. I have 1 year to get at least 1 pattern put up for sale. If I can’t do that, then… I mean, WTF?
  4. Get a logo: I’ve been wanting to either design or commission an official logo for myself for at least 2 years. I have ideas, but never followed through. Ultimately, I’d like to revamp the blog, get business cards, maybe even get quilt labels from Dutch Label Shop. But that’s all hanging on my lack of logo. (I wonder if my hanging back on the Etsy shop is also because I don’t have a logo to put on my patterns and make them all fancy.)

And that’s it! It’s not much, but it’s all stuff that I want to do and/or have been wanting to do for a while.

What quilty goals do you have for 2018?



Finish: Memory Quilt (and Pillows)

My youngest cousin died in May of 2016 from a drug overdose. He was 22.

He was a good guy. He was in a committed relationship with a lovely woman. They had a brand new daughter together. His girlfriend also had a child from a previous relationship that my cousin was planning on adopting. They were going to be a happy family forever.

But heroin fucked that all up. Because that’s what heroin does. It just fucks shit up.

Don’t do drugs, ok? Don’t even try ‘em.

And if you’re already doing them, well, I’m just gonna leave these numbers here for you.

SAMHSA’s National Helpline: 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

National Drug Rehab Hotline: 1-888-459-5511

Call or don’t – I’m not the boss of you. But know that you don’t have to be the person you were yesterday anymore if you don’t want to be. We’re all changing every minute of every day, whether we want to or not, but you do have some choice in what changes are made and who you are going to be tomorrow. It’s ok to ask for help.

Ok… back to quilts, I guess.

Before his daughter was born, the idea that I would make a baby quilt out of the parents’ clothes was tossed around, but it didn’t wind up happening.

After my cousin died, I made the offer to my aunt to take his clothes and make something for her when/if she wanted, even if she didn’t want it for another 10 years. She sent me a bag of clothes a couple months ago and told me to take as long as I needed to make something.

I had a harder time working on this than I thought I would but I’m glad I did it.


The dark shirts just have diagonal line quilting. On the lighter shirts, I either quilted around the shirt design so it blended or tried to make the quilting more interesting since you can actually see it. I don’t love every quilting design choice I made, but overall I’m satisfied.


When I was finished, I realized I had enough leftover from the Mickey tank top and the plaid pajama top (as seen on quilt back) to make a pillow each for Riley and Charlee (the kids). It would sorta match the quilts I gave them last year, and they’d have a little bit of his clothes too.


I’ve already wrapped everything up and sent it off, and apparently I forgot to measure the quilt. I think it finished around 60 x 65, but I really don’t know. The pillows are about 12in square.

Finishes: Pink and Purple Irish Chains

I randomly decided to make quilts for, according to Google, my first cousins once removed. My cousin’s daughters, Emily and Michaela, are ages 7 and 4 (about a week shy of 5!), and I get pictures / videos of them via Snapchat. They make me smile.

So they get quilts. What? That makes total sense. Kids like blankets. They do!

When I asked my cousin what his daughters really liked (so I could make them something special), he told me Emily likes purple, Michaela likes pink, and they both like playing with dolls.

Well, fuck – that could be any little girl.

(I did manage to get a little more information out of him, but none of it was particularly inspiring… For example, both girls like guinea pigs.)

Our family is of Irish heritage, and I know that’s important to my cousin, so I decided to go with the simplest of Irish Chains. Emily gets a purple Irish Chain. Michaela gets the exact same but in pink. (My cousin wanted me to make him one in blue too! I told him “maybe someday.”)


Since they both love their dolls, I made a matching doll quilt for each girl to make it a little more “special” overall.


I used the bunny fabric in the Nana Mae line by Henry Glass. I’m not normally a big fan of 30s reproductions, but I really love the bunnies. And the bunnies were available in both pink and purple, so they worked. I mean, they aren’t guinea pigs, but everyone likes bunnies, right? Whatever, quilter’s choice – I like bunnies.

I think white would have been nice for the background but I ultimately chose grey because… I mean, they’re kids. Seriously, who gives anything primarily white to a kid? It’ll be grey in about 5 seconds anyway.

Also, I like grey.

Pardon? No, I totally took the kids into account when I was making my choices and did not just pick what I liked. Shut up.

I had planned on gifting the quilts for Christmas, then realized that if I had them done by December 8, my mom could deliver them on December 9. This would save me having to pay for shipping because she was seeing them anyway.

Awesome, right?

If only I had realized this before December 1.

Yea, so I was a little rushed putting them together. As such, the quilting in the negative space on the large quilts isn’t as interesting as I might have done if I had more time. (I had a really cool star pattern I was considering.)


But it’s not completely boring either. It reminds me of argyle. I like argyle.

Yes, I know argyle is Scottish, not Irish. DON’T JUDGE ME.

The doll quilts got hearts in the negative space for two reasons.

1 – doll quilts are smaller and easier to manage on my home machine.

2 – I had already completed one of the doll quilts before I realized how little time I had, so my options were “ditch the doll quilt I already made and make a 3rd doll quilt so everything matches” or “quilt the other doll quilt with hearts and accept that the doll quilts match each other but not the large quilts.” The second option felt like the better one.


The (human) quilts finished at approximately 54 x 72. The doll quilts finished at approximately 18.5 x 24.5. They feel a little big to me for doll quilts, but I just divided all my measurements for the large quilts by 3, adjusted to the nearest quarter inch, and went with it so… that’s what size they are.

I don’t normally wash quilts before photographing and gifting, but there were too many quilting marks not to. I probably could have ironed them or something, but frankly, I was too exhausted. Add in that my nice phone died and I had to replace it with something much cheaper with a much shittier camera, and the pictures aren’t the best. Oh well.

I received a cute SnapChat of the girls thanking me for the quilts. My cousin says they really love them, but can’t decide which side they want to be “up” and which to be “down.” I’d make a joke, but damn if I didn’t have the same dilemma when it was time to attach the labels.

Finish: Express Yourself

So, A is having another baby. A second daughter is on its way!

I decided I really didn’t want to do another super-gendered pink quilt. I wanted to do rainbows… which led to crayons… which led to this:


It’s my favorite thing I’ve made to date. I kinda want to keep it as a wall hanging.

The design is my own, but I made use of the Quirky Qwerty alphabet by Jennifer of Sewhooked. (It’s my favorite alphabet for kid quilts and I’m super jealous I didn’t design it first.)

It finished at approximately 46 x 55. The backing is more of the lined fabric used for the outer border.

Hiatus Maybe?

I’m moving next month.

Moving is stressful. I’m sure lots of quilters quilt more when they are stressed because it relaxes them. I find I spend all my spare time reading a bunch of books on a single topic (currently running) and watching some series on YouTube (currently Critical Role).

I didn’t sew at all in May. I didn’t even hem the pair of pants I bought that are 5 inches too long because that sounded like work.

I think I may start packing up all my quilting gear now since it’s going to take a while. Which means there’s going to be a break in posts here again.

Unless I suddenly start hand sewing again or something… but that’s unlikely.

Anyway, I’m sure by time I move and get settled, I’ll be chomping at the bit to quilt again, so there will be a flurry of posts then.

Until then, I leave you with the video of song I recently heard and fell in love with.  It’s super relatable for me – both emotionally and how consistent I am with quilting.

‘grey’ by Orla Gartland

TableTop Season 4 Quilt – Episode 4: Tiny Epic Galaxies

Episode 4 of TableTop Season 4 featured Tiny Epic Galaxies, an area control and dice rolling game designed by Scott Almes. Guests included Mayim Bialik, Tim Schafer, and Andy Weir.


I’m going to be super honest and admit that even after watching this episode a half dozen times, I still don’t completely understand the game. I’d probably catch on if I was actually playing, but I don’t have any strong desire to ever play it.

But hey, not everyone loves every game they stumble upon, so no big, right? The episode was still entertaining. I loved / related to Mayim not being able to not straighten the cards. “I tried really hard to be like I don’t care, but I do.”

I decided to create the spaceship token used in the game for the block. I even had some space fabric left over from a previous project to use for the background! Woo!


Hey, remember in the Monarch Crown post that I mentioned the block size seemed off? Yea, well it happened again. I just barely squeaked out trimming down the block to finish at 10 inches without losing part of the ship to the seam allowance. This is very good because I didn’t have enough space fabric to redo the block.

After some investigating, I think I discovered the problem. There was a change in resolution between the file in which I designed the block and the file where I laid out the sections of the pattern for printing. If that’s NOT what the problem is, then I got nothing.

Regardless, the block works so I’m running with it.

What block will you see next? Whichever one I sew! Haha.